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What is your lead time?

We strive to have inventory on the shelves ready to ship at any time. Please call if items are listed as out of stock for current lead times.

Do you offer repairs?

We do, please call us at 970-484-3243 with your questions and we will see how we can help you get your Bluebird and Soldner equipment back in running order.

My DC Solder pedal is broken, how do I fix it?

Most of the damage we see is caused by potters attempting to fix their pedal themselves. Please package your pedal in a 12 x 12 x 12 inch box with an abundance of packing materials and care. We suggest 2 inches of foam on all sides (as if you were shipping a carton of eggs!) We advise against using USPS, as they have a tendency to lose our pedals. Please include your full contact and shipping information, including name, phone number, shipping address and email address. The standard charge is $125 to completely disassemble, clean, and lubricate the pedal. We will email you an invoice, and itemize any parts needed. If major parts are needed, we will call you before performing any additional work. We are obligated to replace any electrical components that are deemed unsafe for use (frayed or cracked power cords for example.)

Can I call and have you walk me through fixing my equipment?

This can be scheduled, hourly blocks are available for purchase at $125 per hour.

How do I choose custom colors for my pottery wheel?

Our standard colors for pottery wheels are black or sage green. If you would like to order a custom powder-coat color, visit this link Powder Coating Colors & Custom Coatings | Shop | Prismatic Powders and drop ship 5 to 10 pounds (depending on the type of wheel) to our location to create your one-ofa-kind color combination.