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Studio Sized Pottery Wheels

Studio Sized Pottery Wheels

Please note: Due to the weight of this product, custom LTL freight shipping costs apply and will be billed separately after purchase. Contact us for details.

The studio size wheel boasts a robust cast aluminum frame paired with a durable black HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) top. The ½" solid plastic top is impervious to water absorption, ensuring its durability for decades to come. Experience unparalleled control and responsiveness with the gold standard Soldner pedal paired with the brushed DC motor (S100). The Soldner Pedal is globally recognized for its exceptional feel and instantaneous response, making it the preferred choice among pottery enthusiasts and professionals alike.

For those seeking even greater performance and convenience, the Studio Size Pottery Wheel is also available with a brushless motor option paired with a standard brushless pedal (S150). This configuration offers the added benefit of a quieter motor operation while maintaining rock-solid, consistent RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), enhancing your pottery experience. The pedal can be upgraded to a Solder style brushless pedal as an option.

1/4hp DC motor, Soldner DC 5A pedal, black HDPE top, adjustable legs standard.

Standard features: 1/2hp brushless motor, brushless pedal, black HDPE top, adjustable legs standard. *Not compatible with GFI outlets.

38"W x 28"D x 21.5"H (up to 26 in adjustable height)

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